Friday, April 23, 2010

MOD 8: Part 2, WiziQ

In my Global cooperation project, I will use the WiziQ tool to connect teachers and students from the USA with the students from Kenya. The WiziQ tool will enable teachers and students to connect and meet live in the virtual classroom for an online interactive class. This tool enables people to communicate synchronously using video and audio or through text chat. They can share presentations, documents and images on an interactive whiteboard.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mod 8: Part 1, Global Cooperation

The TalkingIT Global is a social network that connects students to global issues that affect us all. TalkingIT Global focuses on global issues that promote awareness and engagement among students. It uses an online social network that is aimed at raising awareness and discussion on a number of global issues.The ePals Global Community is also a powerful network that brings together students and educators based on areas of learning interests. Unlike the traditional social networks, where a person usually connects solely with people he or she knows in the real world, these sites encourage students to take action on issues that affect their local and global communities. They guide users to a deeper awareness of social, economic and environmental issues. The two sites build a bridge between learning and taking action to improve the environment. Therefore, they foster mutual understanding across continents.

When I go back to Kenya, I will use epals to connect with students from the USA (from my friends school), who will be studying Swahili language and connect with my class in Kenya who will be studying English. These interactions will help students in both continents to learn the language and experience some of the culture through this real-world connection. Learn more:

MOD 7: Sped - Teach American Sign Language.

I will use the sign language video to teach American Sign Language (ASL) to non verbal students who are deaf and have hearing impairment. I will also use this video to introduce the culture of the deaf community and to enlighten the students who are not deaf to learn about deaf culture. This is important because students who are not deaf will be able to communicate with the deaf students and this will enable them to be fully engaged with the deaf community outside the classroom.Learning the Sign Language will enhance their understanding of the deaf culture and help them to express themselves using their face, eyes, head and body movements.This video is for my subject area, special education.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mod 6

Teacher SOL
Blog of a Special Education Teacher in Washington, D.C.

This blog deals with the things that attract me in teaching like how teachers should develop passion for the classroom. It is true that the current education system does not support educator's passions, especially with the standardized testing, budget cuts, and race to the top. Like the fifth grade teacher, Derral, I believe that passion comes from both the teacher and the students. In this blog, she has included Facebook, Skpye, email, and National Blogging. She is talking about things that can give a teacher passion in the classroom because they can use these resources in their classroom. The teacher is not just giving tests, they can use these tools to relate to the students to get them interested in learning.